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The Planes: sky bomber

The Planes: sky bomber

by BYV
(0 Reviews) February 04, 2024
The Planes: sky bomber The Planes: sky bomber The Planes: sky bomber The Planes: sky bomber The Planes: sky bomber The Planes: sky bomber

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February 04, 2024
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Now we can fly…
The 3d game is about a stickman on a plane who destroys enemy crowds of armed stickmen who are in funny destructible buildings and equipment. They are extremely easy to destroy when you bomb them with air flying shooting bombs or an air cannon.

Soar through vast skies and unleash chaos below with easy to master controls. Whether you are piloting a nimble fighter jet or a powerful bomber, taking aim and causing destruction bombing has never been this fun and straightforward simulator warplane games.

Watch the world below react in real time war as you drop sky bombs or nuclear bombing and launch strikes. Thanks to the realistic games destruction physics, every building crumbles, and every explosion feels satisfyingly impactful simulator.

You can always improve your plane, add a gun or take on board a variety of warplanes sky nuclear bombs that will amusingly destroy army buildings and defence equipment of enemy stickmen. It is possible to purchase various aircraft with improved characteristics and even a fighter inc.

Conquer enemy airports without coming under fire from enemy anti defence bomber aircraft guns! Take off from yours into war battle on a special strike mission, shoot a lot and carry out sky carpet ww2 bombing, then land on the newly conquered airport of enemy stickmans.

From sleek warplanes to roaring warplanes, choose your favorite bomber strike airplane and customize it to match your style. Equipped with everything from atomic payloads to conventional explosives, no two sorties will feel the same.

Various warriors opponents await you, like stick men with machine strike guns, with machine guns and grenade launchers, they are located in dugouts and in trenches. There are many opponents in various defence buildings on which you can accurately drop a bomb or shoot from an aircraft cannon. Jeeps, trucks, tanks, boats, atomic ww2 artillery and of course crazy bosses that challenge you.

This is a real challenge as combat helicopters, jet and drones will guard the warriors enemy airport. don't go forget the simulator stickman bazooka will chase you and try to destroy and protect your base.

Make your enemies flying into the air, blow up their bases and crush their buildings with your super airplane and powerful cannon!

The games has simple and intuitive controls. Find a weak point in the enemy structure, aim, shoot him with an aircraft cannon, making funny loops in the air! Or just go smash it with the powerful bombs war mode!

In addition to the opportunity to show your courage and bravery, the game has:

Enjoy realistic destruction and 3D physics. Vivid 3D graphics that bring the thrill of flight and destruction to life with realistic destruction physics.
Game play choice:
Play the game in Company or Endless mode inc.
Increase Speed, turn radius, Weapons effectiveness and lots more.
Intuitive control:
Intuitive controls making flying and shooting a breeze for everyone.:
Dangerous enemies:
In this 3D game, the stickman warriors will attack you. Crowds of evil stickmen who want to destroy you in flight. Be careful!
Powerful arsenal:
There are a lot of awesomely cool warplanes available for your character. Each of them has its own unique type of ammunition. There is even a nuclear bomb!
Excellent and bright graphics perfectly combined with the destructive power of your aircrafts guns and bombs!

Play without internet!
This game can be played without the internet!

Update in progress. Write us your suggestions to improve the gameplay, we read all your comments.

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