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Life Simulator: Role Playing

Life Simulator: Role Playing

5.1 by Real Lifesim Choices Text RPG
(0 Reviews) January 30, 2024
Life Simulator: Role Playing Life Simulator: Role Playing Life Simulator: Role Playing Life Simulator: Role Playing Life Simulator: Role Playing Life Simulator: Role Playing

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January 30, 2024
Real Lifesim Choices Text RPG
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More About Life Simulator: Role Playing

Start at 16y, make the right career, relationship, and education choices. Take care of your mood, health, and energy in one of the best text-based real-life simulators!
Are you looking for role playing simulation games?
Want a new life simulator game with some exciting role playing in real life?

Well, you are ready to play one the most realistic life simulator full of adventure! Download Life Simulator and enjoy a real life sim filled with excitement, fun decision-making about career, education, everyday life relations, family, health, mood, and more!

This rpg in real life allows you to pick a gender, name, face, and some basic customization. Then you can start playing the fun simulator life game at 16 years old. Follow the in-depth in-game tutorial and delight in the idle life sim top simulation game.

The key to staying alive as long as possible is to keep your mood, health, and energy in check.


◉ Items
- Lots of items affecting the life roleplay game differently.
- Some of them are unique and they are hard to find.
◉ Jobs
- Many career options with different series of events in our career simulator
- Decisions to make in each affect your progress in your life.

◉ Education & Skills
- Lots of skills to gain, changing the quality of your life.
- Learn new skills to find better jobs and grow your career
- You can improve your abilities by taking courses, reading books, or working.
- What you're successful at changes depending on your skills.

◉ Actions & Quests
- There are so many unique actions: you can try different items and professions, go to places to discover. This simulation is yours, full of adventure!
- Overview the life simulation quests and try to complete them

◉ Cities
- There are different places in the game you can visit.
- Options include the bar, park, or the bank. Some places are hidden, it's up to you to find!
- Actions change based on your location.
- You can even meet the zombies if you spend enough time in the cemetery!

◉ Daily Development
- Each year lasts 20 days.
- It's up to you to move on to the next day pushing the hour button.
- There is no limit, live as long as you can in this fun life rpg!

◉ Market & Inventory
- purchase drink and food which are key for your mood, health and energy
- overview and use your inventory in the text life simulator

◉ Relations
- maintain good relationships with family, friends, and coworkers
- send gifts, have a chat, wing, greet, shake hands, and more within our life living game
- take some connections with friends into something more serious such as love relationship

Are you ready to try this rpg lifesim?
►You can download and play this real life simulator game for free.
Playing life roleplay simulations has never been this fun!

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