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Grim Tides - Old School RPG

Grim Tides - Old School RPG

1.5.2 by Monomyth d.o.o.
(0 Reviews) February 06, 2024
Grim Tides - Old School RPG Grim Tides - Old School RPG Grim Tides - Old School RPG Grim Tides - Old School RPG Grim Tides - Old School RPG Grim Tides - Old School RPG

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February 06, 2024
Monomyth d.o.o.
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More About Grim Tides - Old School RPG

Grim Tides tries to blend tabletop RPG vibes, familiar dungeon crawling and roguelike mechanics, and a classic turn-based combat system into an accessible and entertaining package. Because of its attention to written storytelling, detailed worldbuilding and abundance of lore, Grim Tides can be similar to a solo Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or even a choose your own adventure book.
Grim Tides is a single player game and can be played offline. It has no lootboxes, energy bars, overpriced cosmetics, content locked behind endless microtransactions, or other modern monetization schemes. Just a one-time purchase for the full game, and completely optional goodies for those who wish to support the game and its development.

*** FEATURES ***
- immerse in a rich fantasy world with its own history and lore
- defeat enemies and fight boss battles in a classic turn-based combat system
- customize your character with many unique spells, as well as active and passive skills
- select one of 7 character backgrounds and personalize your character with 50+ special perks that each affect gameplay in their own way
- experience the game world through a variety of interactive, text-based events
- manage your own ship and crew as you explore a wild tropical archipelago
- acquire weapons, armors, acessories, consumable items, crafting ingredients and more
- complete quests, collect bounties and find scattered pieces of lore
- relax or add suspense with 4 difficulty levels, optional permadeath and other adjustable settings

* A standalone prequel to Grim Quest - Old School RPG, set in the same world, several centuries in the past.

** Try the first chapter of the game for free before deciding to unlock all content with a one-time purchase. No ads, no additional content locked behind IAPs, no nagging microtransactions.

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