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Gods of Arena: Online Battles

Gods of Arena: Online Battles

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(0 Reviews) January 05, 2024
Gods of Arena: Online Battles Gods of Arena: Online Battles Gods of Arena: Online Battles Gods of Arena: Online Battles Gods of Arena: Online Battles

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January 05, 2024
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More About Gods of Arena: Online Battles

Enter the coliseum and fight against the gladiator houses of other real players. Will you become a legend or fall nameless to the sand of the arena? It's all up to you. Train your gladiators, buy the best weapons and gear and fight! Find your unique team and equipment setup to become the best in the city.
Key features:

- Up to 5 Gladiator warriors in the team, loyal, extra brave and willing to die for a fair arena fight
- Asynchronous Multiplayer Battles against the players from all over the world
- Grand Altar - after victory in league 10, you can reset game progress in exchange for a legendary artifact, a true gift of the gods
- The Blacksmith shop offers more than 50 unique items
- Tavern, where you can grind money by fighting random gladiators
- 6 gladiator professions with unique skills
- 10 special abilities to spice up the fight
.. and much more!

Are you ready to embrace the arena's cold fate? Enter the halls of eternal fame and fortune! Gods of Arena: Battles is the multiplayer version of the already popular Gods of Arena game, where the battles are enhanced with more epic items, better game balance, lots of fighting tactics, teams of gladiators and most of all, the Multiplayer Mode where you play online against real people, well, their team of gladiators to be more real, in async time battles.

Train your gladiators from scratch, buy lots of unique weapons, hire new warriors, and face gladiators from all across the world. Feel free to visit the Tavern where you will always end up fighting random gladiators instead of having a rest and a good time with your friends. Grind for gold in Tavern, and once you become rich and famous, visit the Blacksmith facility where all the shiny axes, durable sandals and swords, armors and shields, are already set on the shopping shelves. Only once your gladiator is pumped enough with skills, weapons, special attacks, and armors, you may enter the Multiplayer Arena, and fight for glory and fame! Good luck in Gods if Arena: Multiplayer Battles edition!

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