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American Drag Racing

American Drag Racing

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(0 Reviews) January 29, 2024
American Drag Racing American Drag Racing American Drag Racing American Drag Racing American Drag Racing American Drag Racing

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January 29, 2024
Dr. Drag Racing
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Hello racing mania! The game you've been waiting for has arrived. For those of you who are racing maniac, of course you won't miss our newest game, "American Drag Racing Game". Of course, you already known what drag racing is. Drag racing is a type of racing where 2 riders can use motorbikes or cars to race in parallel on a straight track with 402 m (commonly). Whoever touches the finish line first, he is the winner.
The challenge of this type of racing is how you can push your vehicle's speed to the maximum limit to beat your opponent. And you must control your vehicle to keep racing in a straight state. What a challenge. Because it requires maximum concentration and hard effort to stay focused.

Well, Dr. Drag Racing Studio has presented the excitement and tension of drag racing in a game format, namely the American Drag Racing Game. In this game you can act like a professional drag racer like Don Garlith or Don Prudhomme.

You can also choose a racing car that you like to use as your racing vehicle. There are 10 drag racing cars that have been designed with shapes and colors that are very typical of drag racing. You can use these racing cars to race drag in the legendary drag arenas in America. There are a total of 10 race tracks that present challenges and excitement on each of these tracks.

If you can become a winner at each track, you will get prize money that you can collect and can use to buy or upgrade your racing car, so you can race with the cars racing that you wishes. Exciting isn't it.

So what are you waiting for, download this game right away, and make sure you wouldn't miss with the others. Come on, race one on one, maximize your speed, be a winner, and get your dream racing car.
Main feature :
- Drive your car as fast as you can
- Win races in each level
- Maximize focus and concentration to keep going straight
- Make yourself the fastest in driving speed and controlling your racing car

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